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Acorn Dr Pa 19608


Yes what would you like to know about Acorn Drive, PA 19608?CJ LevanPrudential Landis Homesale Services2607 Keiser BlvdWyomissing, PA 19610

How do I get the value of my home? I type in the address as I used to do, but no results?


Call a local Realtor, and he will do what is called a CMA .... a Comparative Market Analysis.  The CMA should include properties that are currently listed for sale, those that are pending and most importantly properties that have recently settled. This CMA will give you a more accurate value of what price you should list your property for and what the property should sell for.  If you are located in the Reading, PA area, please give me a call at [phone removed by Zillow moderator]  CJ Levan

Is it wiser to buy a home or rent


I love this question ... I am a landlord and believe that anyone who rents is throwing money away.  So I allow them to throw their money my way.  Every property I rent, the tenants are paying all the bills, principal, interest, taxes, insurance, utilities and maintence ... they just call it "rent" but when they pay me their rent it all gets divided into the above listed categories ... and then of course there is my additional category of profit.  Thank you tenants keep renting and I will keep buying.

Rental Property school taxes


I lease property in PA, as far as I know the answer is a big fat NO!  If you find a legal way, let me know, I could really use the relief ... just paid $17,000 last month in school taxes for 7 properties and that was cheap for this area.

if you are renting, who is responsible for an electrician fixing a loose wire in an outlet


The landlord.  It is in my understanding that with rental properties in Pennsylvania that landlords cannot require tenants to maintain any part of a rental property, even if it is stated as the tenants responsibilty in the rental agreement.  Commercial properties are an exception and so are single-family detached residential homes.

can i be evicted if my two older sons got in a fight off the rental property/?


Typically the answer is yes.  Most good rental agreements state in the agreement that if you violate the law you can be evicted.  Most rental agreements are general in there verbiage and do not state the violation needs to occur on the property.  Read you rental agreement carefully and see if it has a clause in it.  Most Landlords to not evict in these circumstances unless they have other issues with you.

Appraisal value vs. zillow value for us must be incorrect


Orphan,The Zestimate, Appraisal and Comparables are only approximations of the value of your home.  If your home is staged properly it could sell for even more than the appraisal value.  That is right ... even in today's market homes are selling for more the appraised value ... but you would need to have a person willing to pay the additional amount above the appraised value out of their pocket(cash).  What you need is a professional to stage the home for you and to keep it immaculate. The basement square footage is not to included in the square footage when listing the home.  Finished basements are positives and helps sell quicker ... also keeps taxes down on this finished area since it cannot be included in County assesments.