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How to Deal With Pet Odors ?


There is a great product called Bac-Out made by Bi-O-Clean.  We had a cat smell in a house and we continually sprayed until there was no smell left.  It works great.Cameron 

I want to buy a home, but it is next to a number of Radio Towers, does this hurt the home value?


There are a few things to consider with respect to radio towers and or towers in general.  From a basic appraisal standpoint they don't take a deduction from the home when determining the price.  With that being said when you go to resale the home you will have clients that won't consider the home due to being next to the towers and other buyers it won't bother then at all.  FHA sometimes will also considers it a risk due to the drop zone.  So over all it really shouldn't hurt the value of the home but may limit the amount of exposure to find the right buyer for the home.