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we were approved for 159,300.00 usda loan, we are first time buyers, what should be our first move


Jeff - Find a Realtor in your area that can help you with your search and the hundreds of questions you will have. Buying a home for the first time, or anytime for that matter, is a complicated process. A good Realtor can guide you through the process, find appropriate properties for you to look at, and explain the process.I am in the San Francisco Bay Area but if you need a referral we have an excellent relocation department with Realtor connections all over the US.BTW...there will be some closing costs but the seller typically pays the commission. You Realtor should be able to give you estimated closing costs pretty quickly so you will know how much house you can realistically purchase.Best of luck to you! Even though it's a complicated process just think about how great it will be to own your very own home!