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Realtor Tablets


I am using an older Acer Iconia A500 and it works well with the Android system.It also has a Micro HDMI and USB port along with an external hard drive via san disk.

why do FL rental listing agents get 1months rent for extension contract of the tenant?


Typically I charge for between $ 150-$200 for renewals on existing tenant leases. You always have the option to do it yourself and assume any and all liability that comes with new lease renewal. I would run an employment verification every year 1 month prior to the lease renewing. Moreover, NEVER go month to month with a tenant if at all possible.

how can I find out what my home is worth?


In this WACKY market who knows what property values are worth. Short Sales and Foreclosures skew prices down 20-30 % from what today's current market value should be.If your home is in area with alot of foreclosures and short sales then they control the market,unfortunately.If you do not want to spend the money on an independent appraiser,then the next best choice if you are really planning to sell is contact 3 agents in your area to get the best valuation for your home.