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How to find a good property manager


Start by talking to anyone you know who owns a property in the area that may already be using someone. Contact  property management companies in the area and lastly, I would call the association directly.They may be able to provide the name of one or two companies you can call.

Has anyone been successful in getting a not-so-positive agent rating posted?


All reviews are posted but it seems to take a few days. I agree negative and positive reviews are helpful as long as they are trueand based on actual facts.  When posting a negative review it should be done responsibly and when one has had a moment to put into perspective what happened and why. Buying and selling a home can be stressful for some but as long as you know your agent and trust your agent there is no reason why your experience should not be a pleasant one.Sharon summed it up when she said ask questions on these boards. There are agents here willing to help. 

hows the chinese drywall situation in ft.myers


The vast majority of homes we have seen have no chinese drywall issue.But that is why I always insist that my buyers inspect, in fact the inspectors I know will inspect for this first so if they do find it they give you the results and do not charge you for the full inspection.