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Carol Fowler wrote:

how do i find the market value of my home?

To find the most accurate value of your home, call an agent and have them perform a comparative market analysis.  Most people are afraid to call their local Real Estate Agent but that is a mistake.  It is your opportunity to ask as many questions as you can.  Be honest.  Let them know if you are not in the market to sell your home if that is the case.  If they are too pushy, hang up and call another one.  You are in charge.  This is probably your largest asset and you need to take control.  Myself, I just try to be helpful and honest.  If they come back to me later, that is even better.  But, as a professional, I owe it to anyone who calls me to give them the best estimate of their home value.  After all, I always learn something in the end. You can also check other websites but they are often not accurate.  If you had a toothache would you go to the dentist or look up how to fix it on the internet?  Hope this helps. Carol
February 12 2013