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Carolyn Shade wrote:

You have the pricing wrong on the listing at 0 Cloverdale Road, Pescadero. The price was not reduc
You have the pricing wrong on the listing at 0 Cloverdale Road, Pescadero.   The price was not increased.   The list price is $1,650,000.  You list it as a price incease from $1,150,000 to $1,650,000.  There was no increas in price.   0 Cloverdale road is used for several properrties as vacant land has no address until a permit is appied for.
July 23 2012

How to contact Zillow by phone or email? Possibly a Contact us catagory would be nice

I too have problems with Zillow.   They are posting my listing as for RENT at $1,599,000. per month - it is just a house and gallery   It is actually for sale at $1,499,000.   It took me 2 months to correct it before.  It worked for a month and now it shows as for RENT.  It is difficult to find a live person much less an e-mail to whom to report the problem, I am very, very, very dissatisfied with their service.
April 03 2012
How do I contact Zillow?
The picture for one of my listings has the price for anothe rof my listings in your weekly report.  My three vacant land listings are on the same street.  Because they do not have a building permit or structure, the address is 0 Cloverdale Road - for all 3.  How can I call Zillow to figure out how to correct the internet info?
April 30 2011