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Vacant foreclosed home that bank has no record of.


What exactly happens when a property is liquidated? I have heard so many time about these banks just walking away from houses because the houses are no longer worth i guess what the amount of the loan was and its just cheaper to walk away. I have searched liquidations and autions and foreclosures called the bank myself and have not found any record! I know it had some flooding and mold issues so im wondering if the winterizing people declared it to the bank as inhabitable.... im at a dead end and whose to say someone finds out its vacant and just moves into it! I would be so mad if someone got the house for free and here i am doing all this research to do it the right way!

Vacant foreclosed home that bank has no record of.

Theres a home that has been vacant for about 2 years and theres Foreclosure papers in the door with the Date 12/24/2010 on them. The papers say that Wells Fargo is the holder of the property and the grass and winterizing was done about a year back. I looked up in public records and the deed still has the previous owners name on it with his new address in Minnesota, and the property taxes are all up to date. I called the bank and they have no record of owning this home or it being in foreclosure. I was interested in buying this home for i have seen the inside years back. But now i seem to be at a stand still and cannot figure out who owns this vacant home... Where should I go from here any suggestions?