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how long is a typical listing period? My Realtor strongly prefers 6 mo., but idk if I like her


I am not a Real Estate Agent, but do have a Home Staging Company and can tell you that our average DOM for our stagings is 28 days. Here in the Indy Market, I think the agents range from 3-6 month listing agreements. Quite honestly, you shouldn't need 6 months to sell a home if it is priced correctly, presented to the best potential (all updates and upgrades are current and meet or exceed the buyer expectations of your area and pricepoint), and your Agent must market the home. I would take some time and interview agents... even ask them what their price reduction structure is... hopefully if you have all your ducks in a row, you won't even get to your first price reduction. Did you know that the average cost of home staging is .5%-1% of the list price? The average price reduction is usually at least 5%.

What are the most popular Kitchen and Bath features that homebuyers expect?


It really depends on the demographic targeted buyer... If I have clients in $100K price range, I tell them that they will not get the return back on granite/stainless. Really, here in the Indy market, anything over the $250k price range is where they are expecting the "granite/Stainless" frenzy, which quite frankly in my opinion, is getting a little tired. Again, it depends on the area, price point and buyer expectations for that demographic. There are some awesome solid surfaces out there now, as well as glass countertops and poured concrete. I know that the brushed brass is on its way back into home design, but Indy is not ready for it... still trying to eliminate the shiny, bright brass... one house at a time. And also... while I'm on a role... I really wish manufacturers would stop producing the "Hollywood Stripper light bars"  in baths. I have several builder clients that are still wanting to put those in brand new construction. Even in $80k homes, I recommend clients replace these $30 fixtures with an updated look, let alone in a $2 million home.