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April 17 2012

New Real Estate Licensure Requirements

If this is the case, any and every real estate.agent would be able to work independently. Surely this can not be the case! So I'm wondering what will differentiate a real Broker from an agent?
February 05 2011

on the profile page, the phone # and cell # are not correct.

Calls are routed from the number you see on that page to your phone number. This is why when someone calls you hear the message, "I am transferring a call from Zillow."
February 05 2011
Rental Scams
Please be aware that scammers are copying Realtor rental listings and advertising them on other sites in an attempt to collect deposits and first months rent from unsuspecting renters. I'm not sure how we can prevent this from happening other than spreading words of caution!
February 05 2011

Where are my reviews?

You need to make sure your client is doing the review from their home computer. Zillow logs IP addresses and if the review is not from a matching IP address it will be rejected. This is in an attempt to keep agents from reviewing themselves.
February 04 2011

Realtors, Blackberry or Droid for business? Which do you prefer? How's battery life for Droid?

Best Answer
I have a Droid and I have to keep a charger with me at all times!  Battery life is extremely short especially if you are on the internet a lot.
November 27 2010