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Sale Associate 203k Specialist, International Council Code Building Inspector, Building Inspector, Contractor, Home Inspector, Realtor (14 years experience)

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11/07/2014 - user3031639
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $250K in Jacksonville Heights South, Jacksonville, FL.

Knowledgeable, patient and truly works for his clients! Mr. Gaulden (Charles) was more than I expected from a realtor, I never felt that I was just another sale to him, always had time to return my calls and answer my many questions kept me at ease through the home building process, and worked as my advocate resolving problems with construction issues turns out he's a licensed home inspector. I will definitely refer him to everyone without any reservations

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01/30/2014 - user61167477
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Jacksonville Heights, Jacksonville, FL 32210

He tried to help me but I neede to get prequalified so he recommended someone to help. I contacted them but somewhere we lost contact and he was not able to help me where I needed

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11/06/2013 - dlove7799
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $250K in Pecan Park, Jacksonville, FL.

My experience with Charles was horrible. Charles was referred to me by a long time friend who was my realtor when I purchased my first home over 10 years ago. Because she was not licensed for FL, she researched and recommended that I contact Charles to represent me. Charles met me at the Home Sales office for me to negotiate a contract to purchase a new home. When negotiating with the Home Consultant, Charles never spoke up to ask questions, negotiate or speak on my behalf. He pretty much just sat there the entire time. The only conversation he made was when he started talking about how terrible the homes are that are built by some of the other builders....specifically KB Homes. After I finished signing my contract, I asked the Consultant if I could use the restroom, which took about 3 minutes, when I came out, Charles was gone. The Consultant said that Charles told him to tell me he would see me "at closing". The Consultant said he told him he needed to be there at the 1st walk through. For him to say that he would not see or talk to me again until closing showed poor representation and lack of interest in representing me as his client. The next day, I made the decision to no longer have Charles represent me, but was told it was too late because the builder had already accepted my contract. When I asked Charles why he left without waiting for me to come from the restroom, Charles said "I had to leave because I had to use the bathroom". Charles then went on to say that he usually does not work on Sundays, which made me feel like he was doing me a favor or that I had inconvenienced him by coming out on a Sunday. Throughout the process, Charles continued to show lack of interest. He never reached out to me to see if I needed anything and was slow to respond when I had questions. All of my questions were answered by the Consultant very quickly and professionally. During my walk through, I had several questions and concerns with my home, Charles was present, but again, he never said a word. He just walked around and provided a presence, that's all. When I was not happy with the progress of my home, I asked Charles to reach out to the builders to address my concerns, he did nothing but say "I think it is going to be okay". I had to solely rely on the New Home Consultant and my realtor friend from Alabama to guide me through the process. During my closing, Charles behavior remained the same. He just sat there. He was so quite, the notary looked over at him and said "you sure are quite, are you awake?" Charles responded with "I keep looking at my watch because I have another closing at 3pm and these things can be time consuming". He went on to talk about a previous closing with one of his clients that was a week before, He stated that the client wanted to read each document and it was "just agonizing, to sit there while she read each document". After I finished closing, Charles never congratulated. I actually had to extend my hand to tell him "thank you". The most he talked to me was after he received his check from the closer. Charles then asked me if I cooked and if I was inviting him over for Christmas dinner. I simply replied that I did not cook. My opinion of Charles can be summed up with one word...trifling. I would not recommend Charles to anyone else. I hope and pray that no one else will have to experience that level of service from him. Buying a home is a big accomplishment and anyone that is making that step should be represented by someone who is knowledgeable, professional and most importantly, someone who cares about you and the decision you are making to purchase a home. At no point did I feel like Charles displayed any of those characteristics.

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11/20/2011 - NicoleXX12
Bought a home in 2011.

Charles is a true professional, extremely knowledgeable about the real estate industry. He assisted me with my first home purchase in Jacksonville FL. He did a thorough job in aligning my home purchase with the builders, the actual loan process with the bank and fielding all the questions I had about the process. He was extremely responsive - did a great job of directing me to the right resources. I endorse Charles as a true expert and excellent realtor. I will purchase my next home with him.

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11/18/2011 - Yashua
Bought a Single Family home in 2011 for approximately $125K in Alderman Park, Jacksonville, FL.

My first impression of Mr. Gaulden was professional, patient, kind, accommodating, and knowledgeable about the real estate market. I viewed quite a few homes and never experienced any negative vibes or responses from Mr. Gaulden. He was able to skillfully, and knowledgeably address any questions I had about anything in the homes regarding repairs, market values, financial requirements, and obligations. He always responded to my requests in a timely manner. I dealt with other agents prior to Mr. Gaulden, and I wasn't secure. Mr. Gaulden's care, concern, knowledge, patience, and professionalism added value, and security to my experience that will never be forgotten. He comes highly recommended.

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09/14/2011 - casa843
Showed home in 2011 in Englewood, Jacksonville, FL 32207.

This gentleman was very helpful while I was looking for a property. He gave me the Pros and Cons of getting properties in all areas of the city. He also informed me of any programs I might be eligible for in my income bracket. I'm very excited about having a Realtor goto guy for future questions about real estate. I'm in the process of informing my family and friends of this gentleman at this time. Thank You Again Mr. Gaulden

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05/11/2011 - LordChaos
Showed home in 2011 in Woodland Acres, Jacksonville, FL 32211.

Charles has knowledge in many other areas and he has helped me make decisions many times in the area of realestate. If your looking for an honest opinion, this is the guy. No beating around the bush or leading you on. I mean, all agents are suppose to do so but I experienced it firsthand with Charles. So if you are looking for superior service from a superior agent i would advise that you give him a call.

Btw, Thanks Charles.

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05/04/2011 - inkangel70
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Woodland Acres, Jacksonville, FL 32211

Mr. Gaulden is very professional and courtious. If you are looking for someone trust worthy and respectful, please contact Charles.

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05/04/2011 - Evie757
Sold a Single Family home in 2011 in Whitehouse, Jacksonville, FL.

We had the pleasure of Mr. Gaulden assisting us in our successful search for real estate, upon relocating to Jacksonville, Florida. Upon meeting Mr. Gaulden, he immediately provided us with care and concern, which we were seeking in a real estate agent. Mr. Gaulden displayed intelligence, and professional knowledge on the matter of real estate, and kept us informed on the process from the inception of our selection of a home, and throughout the duration of our real estate transaction to closing. Mr. Gaulden was patience, and extremely through in addressing our concern throughout the process. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Gaulden, as he is trustworthy and reliable, and provided us with exemplified customer service, which attest to his knowledge in the sell of real estate.

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05/03/2011 - msprincess78
Showed home in 2011 in Chimney Lakes, Jacksonville, FL 32244.

Charles is very personable and a joy to work with. He is always available when I need him and he utilizes all of his resources to get me the answers that I need. I gave him specific details in the investment homes that I was looking for and he delivered. Charles knows the ins and outs of the Jacksonville area. Although we are still searching for the right home, I look forward to closing with him in the near future.


Ms. Greene

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