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Lives are not waiting for the Housing Market


As recent studies show, too many people are not talking to anyone about their underwater predicament. VHDA, a Virginia loan program, is trying to get anyone who is 60 behind in their mortgage to call, with poor results. A short sale is not always the right solution. Losing sleep and sabotaging your financial future, which will impact your life, is never the right solution.As with any Real Estate transaction, I build a team of advisors around the client, home inspectors, structural engineers, and of course appropriate legal and financial advisors. I encourage anyone who is Underwater to talk to someone, and a Realtor is a good place to start.

Lives are not waiting for the Housing Market

Spring is in the air! And I see that people are ready to move to find the new job, move for school, to get in or out of a relationship, ready for their life to move on. It is time to buy a home so you can move forward in your life. Rates are great, prices are low. Affordability is the best its been in 40 years.Its time to sell a home so you can move forward in your life. If you are underwater in your house - don't take it so personally, as if you are responsible for Economic Katrina. Get out now. People who sold their homes short in CA in 2008, have repaired their credit and financial health, AND ARE BUYING AGAIN.Your life is not waiting - its time to move!