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If I am selling my house, do I have to keep currant with my mortgage payments? I am 2 months behind.


Sometimes beyond our control people can't keep up with their mortgage payments.  It does not mean you can't sell your home. You can put your house on the market and try to sell it. If a buyer makes an offer and you can't get what you owe it will become a short sale. Many banks are now considering sales settled even when the sale is considered short of what you owe.  You may not need to pay anything. You need to know this is not always true, but if you have a good realtor they can help you negotiate with the bank.  A settled debt in my eyes is always better than a foreclosure.  AND if your home goes to foreclosure in most cases you can still sell your home and do a short sale or gain cash if you get more than you owe.  In South Dakota after your home is foreclosed on you can still stay in your home and try to sell for 180 days after it is foreclosed on.  Cheri St. Pierre South Dakota Real Estate Company of Rapid City, SD.  If you have further questions feel free to contact me.

If you are Looking to Rent Beware of Scams

Don't rent from just anyone.There have been many scams lately, with people losing hundreds of dollars.I have had several calls from leery renters looking for places.Most of my listings have been copied and pasted to Craigslist for rent.They put them out there at a price too good to be true, yet just high enough to almost be believable.They have many stories, like being out of the country. They tell people to go drive by it, and if they like it they assure them the inside is even better.They then tell them there has been a great deal of activity so they need to send the deposit now and see it later. I'm not sure what happens after this.I  do know people have sent $600 deposits and more.BE WARYThings to Remember when looking for a rentalIf the price seems too good to be true, it usually is.Don't rent without looking inside the home first, exteriors can being deceiving.Always ask to see the contract before renting or exchanging money.Don't go look at a rental alone, always take a friend or family member.Check different websites to see if the property is listed like Trulia, Zillow, or local mls.If they are listed call the Realtor and ask them about, we don't mind the calls.99 times out of 100 the agents will be honest and tell you whether it is truly for rent.If it is for rent let them assist you in arrangements.The Realtor will know the correct person to speak with.If the property is not listed for sale, you should contact the local court house or a local Realtor to find out who owns the home to make sure the person you are thinking of renting from is the owner. If its a Property Management company meet them at their office first to make sure they are in fact a legitimate company.If you have further questions feel free to email me.Good luck and consider purchasing a home interest rates are great its a perfect time to look at owning a home.

price comparibles ("comps")


You can pull active listing home comparables on my website by doing a property search or As far as pulling solds at this point it is not possible. You can contact a realtor for comparable solds.  I can certainly help you with this. You can also sit down with a realtor like myself or any others and observe the parameters they use to search the solds in a particular area. This may help you feel you ae getting a unbias search. Being involved in the search you can see first hand that they are pulling what you want to see.  If you are working with a good realtor they will want to make sure you purchase a home at a fair price so that you are happy with their services and continue to be someone you would recommend to others in the future. Finding a good realtor is key to helping you make a smart purchase.