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counting sq ft in a split level home


Hey there - When Realtors list your home on the MLS, we are allowed to list and show all square footage ABOVE grade.  That includes the lower level (not basement) of your split.  So rest assure that we are adding that value to your home.True, neither an assessor or an appraiser will use the lower level to calculate your square footage.  End result is you have a Win-Win situation..  Your realtor knows the value of the lower level and sells it accordingly but your taxes are lower based on the square footage.Feel free to call me for examples.  Thank you.

Title search came up with an old loan that's incorrect -- what's the fastest way to correct it?


Not sure where you are from.  Illinois is an attorney state.  So the attorney would take care of this.  I have underwritten and closed only in Illinois, but in Illinois how it works is normally a title company can waive the exception (the lien on the title search) with proof that the loan is paid.  So, if you cannot get the "Letter of Satisfaction" timely, then how you get it waived is 1)  If the current owner refinanced at some point and paid off the old loan, then there will be a HUD-1 from the closing.  The HUD has a name of a title company on it.  Contact that title company and ask them to provide a letter that will satisfy the new title company; 2) If the sellers simply paid off, then the seller needs to get a payoff letter from the bank saying that the balance is zero and that payoff letter will satisfy the title company.Hope this helps

How quickly can one close on a house


Honestly, if you are paying cash for a $16.5 M home, it can close when you want it to. As far as tips for buying a home.  The #1 TIP is Location. Feel free to call or email me to discuss all the tips for buying a home.  

what is the best price I can get


You are the PERFECT buyer since you have so much to put down.  There are so many homes in that price range that are great values.   If you want, I can email you properties in Wheaton/Naperville/Lisle in that price range.  My email is [content removed by moderator].    If you would, please email me and I will send you those homes.  Very excited for you!Thank you so much.

I live right across this property in AMLI, Kindly provide me the best price for this house ?


Hello There.  I wish I could answer this question.  By law, I cannot.  The only way to find out is for a bona fide offer to be made.  Once the offer is made, the parties negotiate back and forth until a mutual decision on the price is reached.I would be happy to take you thru this property to see if you like it and want to make an offer.  Feel free to call me anytime at 630-913-4181.  Feel free to email me at a good evening.