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Does Zillow provide "For Sale Signs"?


Zillow does not offer any type of signage for the sale of your home.  It also does not offer any counseling on the marketing, pricing and preparation of your home.  If you would like someone to cover all of the presale costs (signage and advertising in particular) I would suggest contacting a Realtor like myself. If you are serious about selling your Tremont home please give me a call.  I have consistently ranked as one of the top two Tremont Realtors for the past 6 years.  I am a resident of the neighborhood and I am working with a number of buyers currently looking for homes here. I can provide a keen insight on the current state of the market and help you accurately price your home.If you would like any advice at all please do not hesitate to call.   I am always happy to help a neighbor out! 

Can the seller back out of the contract?


Much depends on the contract that you have.  If it is a contract approved by the local real estate board (CABOR here in NE Ohio) then there is specific reference to allowing the inspectors access.  If you do gain access for the inspections I would say that you are just going to have to sign off on that contingency without asking for repairs.  However, if something value changing or severe health and safety issues were deteced you could still go for the mutual release.  As long as you continue to preform on your tasks in the contract (applying for loan application, releasing the home inspection contingency in a timely fashion and loan approval) the seller is in the wrong.  It sounds like you could win a legal battle, but I would warn you that it could take a while to gain possession of the home.  It  could also be very costly to both you and the seller. What is your agent's advice?

Is it worth time/money/effort to upgrade & repair a rental home or just sell as is?


I think that it is really important to take into consideration the market conditions.  I specialize in Ohio City and Tremont.  I have found that there are many buyers looking to update a home (even doubles) if it is on the "right street". With the city's tax abatment incentive buyers are very willing to convert.  We are in a real seller's market.  Homes are selling faster and for higher prices.  Ohio City is really hot.  Contact me and we can do a quick walkthrough.  I can price the home in its "as is" condition and give you a "fixed up" price as well.Chris MerryHoward Hanna Greater Cleveland Office

I need some advice. I have a mortgage on a 900 square foot condominium in Cleveland, Ohio. I owe j


Slipdisco- All is not lost!  I know it's hard to believe but we are in a seller's market in Cleveland and Lakewood.  We are seeing properties sell faster and for higher prices.  Don't put too much faith in the Zestimate.  It does not always reflect true market value.  Contact me and I will give you a true analysis on the value of the condo- you might be surprised to see that now is the right time to sell!Chris Merry