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i would like to talk to an agent. where do i call?


Feel free to contact us. Our office is in Metro West right off of Kirkman and we specialize in South West Orlando.Best RegardsChris ChristensenBroker / OwnerClick on our photo to find out more about us and our company.

Anyone know what the average time span for a bank to accept or reject an offer to purchase a short s


The time frame varies a lot from lender to lender. The average is probably between 60 to 90 days but the squeaky wheel definitely gets the grease so you should encourage your agent to call frequently and insist that they provide you with weekly updates at a minimum. Key milestones are short sales package submitted, negotiator assigned, BPO completed, and package submitted to investor for approval. Hopefully this helps.Chris Christensen

In need of a realtor for Orlando area


I'm not sure exactly which part of Orlando you are interested in but my wife and I own a brokerage here and would be more then happy to assit you. We are both very patient and have worked with many other first time buyers.Click on our photo to find out more about us and our office. Have a great day!!Best RegardsChris ChristensenRegal Real Estate Professionals