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How do I buy a short sale with not so good credit?


You need to get pre approved for a loan for ANY property and then place an offer on it. Since you live there already the bank take that into account as they will not have to evict. I can help you place an offer that the bank will accept and help you find funding.

Can any veteran get a va loan?


I am a veteran and didn't use the VA loan. It is all about how much you have for a down payment and what works best for you.

New offer to purchase after inspection


Do you even know if you are getting a good price? If it is a cash deal I wouldn't worry but when you go for a mortgage you will probably run into problems.

value of real fireplace vs gas fireplace


If the power goes out you can use your gas insert to keep warm. You can also build a fire but it takes more heat out of the house.  I would prefer a gas insert over a wood stove.

Have you personally come across anyone scammed in a rental off craigslist?

I get calls from people on properties that are only for sale from people just checking to see if it is a scam or probably know what I am talking about.Do you have any stories about scams like this? Someone showed up at my friend's house with a moving truck and said he wired 600 dollars to rent his house. They say to report them to the police but I am sure they are under reported because people feel stupid.

Have my home listed as foreclosed!!


I would suggest you claim your home and edit what you can. If it is for sale it will matter otherwise no one will probably look except you.