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Commission requirements after Cancelation of Listing Agreement


The answer to your question would depend on how your cancellation was done. There are many different ways to "cancel" the listing depending on the form that was signed by you and the Broker involved. You can cancel, withdraw or delete the listing. Some have penalties that may include keeping all contractual obligations in place until the original listing was signed. Typical listings are 6 months but you need to read both the listing contract and the cancellation form; both of which you should have received a copy ofr.

Looking for a lender who works with under 640 credit score


I have had this issue with my clients in the CT area. Your best bet is to see if your husband can qualify on his own. Try the FHA type loans that are offered by the govt. Search the internet for lenders that specialize in this. You will get a better interest rate too! Best of Luck.

I have a contract with a piece of property


To answer your question I would need to know if it is a piece of land or property with a home. There are so many lenders our there. Your best bet is to find one that offers govt. financing. I know Fha type loans allow you to put a minimum of 3.5% down. VA lending has 100% financing options. If you are in deed just purchasing a piece of land then lenders do require a larger down payment . 20% would not be unusual.I hope this helps!

My broker refuses to list my home in the MLS system--is this reasonable? will the house sell w/o?


Your broker may have access to many other internet based marketing sites. Although I feel she should have been up front with you on this matter, if she is successful in selling homes and is a top Realtor in your area then I would be as ease. Ask her how long it takes to sell her listings, and how other "Realtors" able to find your listing to help sell it. The MLS system is more for other buyer agents to help sell your home and for a quicker turnaround. Give her some time and if you aren't happy with your advertising or not getting showings, ask her to step up her "game". A contract is only good if you and she are happy with it.

If I filed bankruptcy 3 years ago and have a clean record - what are my chances of buying?


There are many different types of bankruptcy so it may be hard to answer your question without the knowlege of your situation. I have dealt with buyers who successfully closed on a home after the 3 yr mark. Your best bet is to check with a lender that comes recommended by your Realtor. They can assess your creidt score and then get you going in the right direction even if you have to wait.

How long is the FHA loan approval process?

Best Answer

The FHA process takes appoximately 6-8 weeks to close. 6 weeks for approval. Once your bank approves the loan they then need to send it over to the FHA portion for final approval. Then you may have to do some repairs at the request of the appraiser in order to close. Good luck and hang inthere! Christine A. Hunter 860-480-5591