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Should I lower my asking price?


Re-Evaluate your marketing.  Take another look at your pictures and your curb appeal.  What kind of marketing are you doing?  Sometimes it can be just a lack of exposure and web presence.  Find a way to get more people through the door.  I would contact a local agent and ask them where they place homes to get more traffic.  Chances are if you are getting showings and no offers, you're overpriced.  If you are not even getting showings, you are overpriced.   Bu first, if you're not getting showings, I would re-evaluate your marketing and look at it from the buyers eyes. 

how do I find the zestimate for a property?


Its really east.  Just type in your address in the search bar at the top of the page.  Once you're in the page of the address you want, just look a few lines down and there should be a line that says "Zestimate".  Contact me if you want me to walk you through the process.C.J Trivisonno

There is a problem withthe details page fo my home.


I just looked at your Zillow page for the house on Arthur and it looks like everything is updated.  You can change your house stats manually if you want.  Contact me and I can walk you through it.CJ Trivisonno