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How to cancel dispute I opened via equifqx


It's amazing how hard it is to remove a dispute that you place on an account.  It still amazes me how easily you can dispute something but voluntarily removing it has to be such a chore.  I've seen borrowers forced to jump through some crazy hoops just to get it removed.

mortgage approval


I'm sorry your so stressed, purchasing a home is exciting and stressful but hopefully you found a good loan officer to walk you through the process and keeps you well informed.  Andrew as always gave the straight answer, there are too many unknowns for us to give an opinion on what is going on with your particular loan but again your loan officer should be walking you through this.  

Is it possible to get a HomePath and HomePath Renovation loan?


You can only have one or the other as Aaron mentioned.  Homepath itself is offered by most lenders while the Homepath Renovation has much less lenders and probably even fewer that know how to do it well.  If Homepath Renovation is the way you really want to go I would look at and select Homepath Renovation lenders in your state.  There are more lenders available than listed but typically the ones listed are more familiar with the process than most.  My opinion anyway.



I'm trying to understand as well since a lender credit would not be considered one of HUD's "Acceptable Sources of Funds" for minimum down payment requirements.