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Andres Rojas
Title Ins Agent (11 years experience)


Commercial R.E., Escrow, Notary, Title

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Phonetically, my name is On-Drase Row-hoss. I'm a title agent for Stonewall Title & Escrow, Inc., in Manassas, VA. Contrary to popular opinion, I am very excited about the New Final Rule and the wonderful changes that have become mandatory as of January 1, 2010. Although it took a fair amount of study to understand how the new HUD1 and GFE work together, I must say that the Final Rule is really less complicated than it seems. In my humble view, as a result of the Final Rule, settlement fee proliferation (junk fees) has become obsolete overnight. Mortgage brokers, lenders and title service providers no longer have any wool to pull over the consumers' eyes! The new HUD1 and GFE makes hiding fees and costs impossible, which makes it very easy for buyers to compare one provider to another. Although I don't think the Final Rule is perfect, I do think it was necessary to bring more honesty to the settlement table. The Final Rule will not fix the economy, the real estate industry, or the real estate market, but it is a good start. I'm available anytime to talk about the current real estate market in Virginia, Maryland and DC, or to answer your questions about the Final Rule at 703-722-1734 or via email at

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Stonewall Title & Escrow, Inc.
9300 Grant Ave #102
Manassas, VA  20110
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