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RESPA Revised - Is it really better for the consumer?


Disclaimer: I am not arguing with Mr. Mondello or Mr. Hoffman. I do believe that there is a lot of good to be found in the New 2010 RESPA Regulation.Although I do agree with the perspective regarding the redundancy and red tape that the new RESPA Rule creates, I believe the intent of the new Rule was to create transparency for borrowers of average intelligence. (No slight intended!) Agreed: Anyone can make a poor decision. The power of the new Rule is that the new GFE & HUD1 combo doesn't allow settlement service providers (lenders, mortgage brokers, title companies or real estate agents) to disguise exactly what they are charging the consumer.Yes, there are new delays and setbacks in the settlement process that didn't exist before implementation. This is part of the learning curve. As real estate professionals become more comfortable and knowledgable about the new process, it will become as engrained as the old system used to be.