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what is the best hardwood floor for kithens


It's difficult to say there if there is one wood "specie" that works best in the kitchen, as I would argue the answer is subjective.  However, there are some factors I would recommend you consider when putting a wood floor in your kitchen.  In the kitchen, you will necessarily get liquids on the floor and so, using a floor that is more resistant to moisture is important. I would avoid at all options any solid wood planks that are less than 1/2" thick.  The thinner planks are more prone to warping.  If you go solid wood, I would recommend using 3/4" material. Next, I would consider an engineered wood floor floor.  An engineered floor offers excellent moisture resistance because the substrate is typically applied in alternate pattern, engineered flooring also typically is less expensive than solid wood.  Lastly, I would consider a handscraped wood floor product.  The benefit of a handscraped floor is that the natural waviness of the flooring will hide most impefections that a slight warping could cause.  I would just make sure that the handscraped product is greater than 1/2" if its solid wood and use an engineered handscraped product.  

Need Advice on 2 different Bedroom Options

Hello All,I am looking for advice on which two layouts to use for the new a new bedroom on the 2nd floor which is adjacent to a game room.  (Note: Master Bedroom and Guest Suite exist on the 1st fl.)Option 1 - larger room (14' x 11') with a walk in closet.  Door to room provides an open view as you walk in from the game room.Option 2 - smaller room (12' x 11") with 8' reach in closet.  Door from game room leads to a small hallway which provides more privacy.Attached is a layout.  Please let me know if you prefer Option 1 or Option 2.  Thanks.

Advice on 2nd Floor Bedroom Suite Layout

I am renovating a large house (4,500sf) and want to get opinions about a 2nd floor bedroom suite.  The house has a Master Bedroom Suite and Guest Suite on the 1st level.  And has 3 Bedrooms and a Game Room on the 2nd Level.  My question is about the 3rd bedroom on the 2nd Level.  Review the 2nd floor layout I have attached:Option 1 provides a larger room 14' x 11' and a walk in closet...but there is little privacy for this room as the door from the game room opens right up into main bedroom.Option 2 provides a slightly smaller room 12' x 11' and you just have a standard 8' reach in closet...but now there is more privacy from the game room as there is a short hallway from the door.  There will also be an added benefit of a bit more soundproofing as the bathroom will be located in between the game room and main sleeping area.I would love to get feedback on which bedroom option you prefer.