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Amy Green and Susan Meyers-Pyke wrote:

I need help deleting duplicate accounts. Can a service representative please contact me?
It has come to my attention that my partner and I have multiple accounts on Zillow, which is affecting how we receive leads and how our listings are displayed. There are at least three, that we know of, there may be more. We need to talk with someone about getting this taken care of. We had this same problem with Trulia and a representative was able to get us all taken care of.
March 21 2013

Delete My Account

I have maybe as many as three accounts I need merged or otherwise dealt with here on Zillow. I need someone to contact me for help as this is a very extensive request. I was able to do this with Trulia the other day, they were so helpful.You can reach me (Shannon) at Coastal Premier Properties 858.755.4663
March 20 2013