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Easement Question

I have owned a property for 5 years that already had an agreement on the deed to allow for a shared road to pass through it that was agreed upon in 1978. The gentleman that maintains the road noticed that the agreement unclearly states that the road could be 40 feet wide, so he is selling his property and decided to take out many trees and widen the road. The agreement I hold that is recorded on the property states the follwoing: "As of this date, June 1, 1978, I ********** do authorize and give my consent to ******** to enter upon my lands know as tax lot *** (description enclosed) for the purpose of construction, maintainance, repair and upkeep of the private water source, road system, and and other developements.This agreement is valid until revoked, and extends to my heirs and asignees. //signed//Granted there is more descriptions and rules, but my question focuses on the last sentence: Can I revoke this agreement or easement? How do I do this? I feel like I have no control over what this man is doing. This property is located in Curry County, Oregon. Please help.