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Connie Holovics wrote:

Looking for a buyers agent in Erie county, NY....

I work & live in Erie County. Connie Holovics
September 07 2012

how much is my home worth

I live in the Buffalo area and could do a market analysis of your home. I would look at the resent sales of similar homes in your neighborhood as well as homes for sale currently to come up with a value for your home. The interest rates are fantastic (under 4%) and there are buyers still looking to buy. Now is also an excellent time to get started if you are seriously considering a move. I think it's better to get the jump on the "spring market" when there is less competition. Call or text me [contact information deleted by Zillow moderator.  Please refer to our Good Neighbor Policy for posting guidelines] Looking forward to hearing from you, Connie
December 14 2011

What if you are 29 years old, worked at your job 8 years part time and all I owe is an gas bill?

You may qualify for a loan based on your part time job, depending on the income and the price range of the homes in your area. The banks would average the last 2 years income to get your monthly income to qualify. The first step should be to contact a loan officer. They would run a credit report, average your income and consider how much money you have to work with, to determine a sale price you could afford.
October 17 2011

Winter travel in surrounding communities

The Southtowns definitely get more snow, but one of the benefits is GREAT ski resorts. I relocated from WVa 34 years ago (matter of fact almost to the day, wedding anniversary April 2!) and was very apprehensive about driving in the snow. I was surprised at how well they plowed the roads and how quickly after a storm. The traffic does move slower to be cautious, so the commute would take longer, however just on the very bad days. The Northtowns & Southdowns are different and you'll have to preview the different areas to see which fits your life style. I'd be glad to give you a tour the next time you are in the area. Connie Holovics, RealtyUSA
March 28 2011