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Had flood in kitchen,down to subfloor 4 rms insurance pd almost 0 can't get home equ loan what to do


Your property insurance should be paying the required amount to take care of your flood issues.  You may need to request a another review of your case.  If the floors are left wet of course you are going to potentially get bacteria and mold, which is going to cost much much more to remove the contaminated materials, plus can be a serious health hazard to you.If you feel like your insurance company is not properly handling your case, call your state representatives that oversee insurance company issues, or other state agencies that can investigate, or last resort a lawyer.Mostly, would need a lot more details to understand what may have gone wrong in your case. 

Hiring Home Improvement Pro's

A Gallop poll revealed that 72% of people felt it is too hard to find a trusted contractor.Would like to hear from anyone about their experiences on how they find, hire and generally deal with contractors when they need a project or repair done.

Does anyone know a local company in Columbia SC that removes popcorn ceiling?


We have pro's that do that here in Upstate, SC, however can't refer anyone in the Columbia area yet.Here is what we know about your project.  Most contractors will not 'remove popcorn ceilings', rather they will install a quarter inch of sheetrock over it and finish it.  It's too much labor and mess to attempt to remove popcorn ceilings - than to just redo with sheetrock.So - ask around for some trusted sheetrock pro's.  Make sure they are licensed and insured, get a couple of quotes!  A handyman may say he can do it - but few have the finishing 'mudding' skills you need to make your ceiling smooth.