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- Highly likely to recommend
07/18/2013 - user7407762
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $250K in Southwest, Chula Vista, CA.
“I got referred to Voltaire by my family and met him at his office. He seemed to be very experienced and we got started looking at properties right away. I was getting transferred to San Diego so I needed to find a home quickly. There were several questions I had since I was first time buyer with VA financing. It was a hot seller’s market at the time so my VA financing wasn’t the strongest type to offer the seller. We viewed several homes in several areas since I wasn’t sure exactly where I would buy and the prices were moving up very quickly. He showed that he cared by not allowing me to get into bidding wars and steering me away from properties that didn’t make sense for me to buy. We finally came across a good home in a nice area. As soon as I told Voltaire that I wanted the property, he submitted our offer. The next day, he let us know that we had beaten out several other buyers that wanted the property. The seller’s agent felt more comfortable with our offer even though it wasn’t the highest or had the best financing. Voltaire’s communication with the seller’s agent secured our offer to be accepted. During the repair negotiation stage, Voltaire negotiated for the seller to repair the entire fence that goes around the huge lot that I have. He got them to agree to our request which I am glad they did because it would have costs me a lot of money to fix on my own. Voltaire’s the one who pointed out that the fence needed repair. My family and I have a home to call our own and we are extremely excited! Voltaire is the real estate expert and my future move I will make with Voltaire! “
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- Highly likely to recommend
01/17/2014 - user3972633
Bought a Multi Family home in 2013 in North Park, San Diego, CA.
Work as a team providing timely response unmatched in the industry. All team members have excellent attitude oriented toward customer satisfaction. I was able to close in 10 business days where the seller, finance and escrow parties were very satisfied. I will highly recommend them.
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- Highly likely to recommend
01/15/2014 - user1022006
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $450K in Otay Ranch Village 1, Chula Vista, CA.
I had an excellent experience with my realtor Zoraya Lepe. First of all, Zoraya answered my calls, texts and emails right away. I called Zoraya at about 9:45 pm to tell her that I wanted to put an offer on the first house I had seen. I was very impressed as she called me the next morning at 6:30 am from her office as she was finishing the details on my offer. I knew immediately, that I was working with a professional who had it together. As I waited for a response from the seller, I appreciated that Zoraya called me several times to let me know what was going on. When the counter-offers came in, Zoraya advised me quickly and skillfully, as there were multiple offers on this property. I was very happy when my offer was the one that was accepted!.

Zoraya submitted my offer on December 9th, it was accepted on December 11th, ecrow opened on the 12th and I got my keys to my house December 26th. Getting this home was very emotional for me and my children as we had lost our home the previous year, and I am very grateful to Zoraya Lepe for making our dream of having our own home again possible.

I had a chance to speak to the seller after I had moved in, and she told me that the reason she accepted my offer over everyone else's was because of some unique details in my offer that Zoraya included. I strongly recommend Zoraya Lepe because in this competitive real estate market, you need a realtor that is personable, very skilled and professional, one that is there before anyone else, one that has great connections with excellent lenders that can make things move quickly, and other realtors also, and that realtor is Zoraya Lepe!!!! Call her! she'll make it happen for you!!
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- Highly likely to recommend
11/13/2013 - user7042808
Sold a Townhouse home in 2013 for approximately $325K in Chula Vista, CA.
We are extemely impressed on the proffessionalism, knowledge of the market, the ability to understand the customer needs, the effective communication during the whole process, and the systems that the Voltaire Team provide us during the process of buying our house. We highly recmmend their service. It tooks us less than 2 months to have the keys of our new property. If you really want to experience a World Class Quality experience... Give them a call!!

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- Highly likely to recommend
10/21/2013 - canckong
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $325K in National City, CA.
I first got introduced to the Lepe Team on February 23, 2013. My wife's friend had a very positive experience with them and told us that we should talk with them if we wanted a good deal. Soon after we met we began looking. I was really excited because I had done some research before meeting them and no other company offered what they offered and I could tell they had a lot of experience in helping VA buyers. We knew a home was coming for sale in the neighborhood we wanted and we wrote the offer the day in came on the market. It was overwhelming to see the number of buyers that actually showed up and made offers on the same home. Using the Lepe Team's unique system, we beat out all other parties and won the property! We were very happy but after further inspection, we changed our mind and cancelled the deal. The Lepe Team got our money back for the deposit and we kept looking. The following week, Voltaire sent us an "Off Market" property list. We drove by a few homes to look from the outside since this list didn't have photos of the inside. We liked a particular home that was on that list and Voltaire called the owner and got us the deal. This was our dream home because it was close to our children's school and didn't need any work. The best part is that by the time we closed escrow, I had got a rate in the 3's and the property value was worth more than I was paying! Also, since I was away at sea during the escrow period, we had to do a power of attorney for my wife to sign everything and she was very nervous but Voltaire was there to help her and answer all questions. He even was there when she signed our loan even though that wasn't his job! I told Voltaire that I would recommend him and his team to everyone at work. Thank you Lepe Team!

-Carmelo and Luchie Mangubat
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- Highly likely to recommend
09/27/2013 - user65990784
Sold a Condo home in 2013 for approximately $200K in Grantville, San Diego, CA.
Just finished closing my realestate deal at a much higher Price then my original agent got. She's the best very knowledge and great Team. Thanks so much. I'd use you again. Rocco Mediate very satisfied.
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- Highly likely to recommend
08/09/2013 - user2375364
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $400K in Otay Ranch Village 5, Chula Vista, CA.
Voltaire and his team were great from beginning to end. ““I first spoke with Voltaire in regards to possibly selling my home up north. Then by coincidence I ran across him again but this time it was about buying. We sat for an hour and he educated me on the market and how his team can help me overcome it and get a home. It was a hot market with multiple offers on every property. I was convinced that they could help me and I told them that I had planned to buy in a new development and if they could find me a home before the new development was complete, then I would buy with the Lepe Team. I had VA financing which was a strike against us but the Lepe Team System and offer writing tactics really helped our cause. We began looking for a home with Soraya and wrote a total of 7 offers, 2 of which were accepted. One of which had 9 offers including a CASH BUYER. We chose the property we liked in the area we wanted, which happened to be a short sale and 59 short days later we closed escrow! Best of all, we got it at the price we wanted and Soraya surprised us by negotiating that the seller pay us $7,000 in closing costs! This is when most sellers wouldn’t even consider this idea of paying closing costs.
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- Highly likely to recommend
07/27/2013 - user24260249
Bought a home in 2012.
“Voltaire was awesome! I serve in the U.S. Navy and I had orders to re-locate in San Diego with a deadline quickly approaching. We were working with another agent and that person didn’t seem too interested in showing us homes on the weekend since it was the only time that we could get off from work. It didn’t help that it was a HOT Sellers-market, low inventory and I was a VA buyer. We never could get any of the properties that we wanted with that first agent. I was tired of the process and then I got in touch with Voltaire. He spoke with me on the phone for about 30 minutes and after that conversation, I had him as new agent. We got our first offer accepted with Voltaire! Wow!!! During our escrow, Voltaire’s home inspector discovered an issue with the roof. Voltaire didn’t hesitate and sent his roofer to immediately check out the issue. It was nail-biting negotiating experience with Voltaire and the seller. Voltaire was very clear with his negotiating techniques and he predicted the outcome to the “T”. The result was the heating system being repaired and a brand BRAND-SPANKING NEW ROOF! Wow, we couldn’t believe that Voltaire pulled this off. He also recommended that we cancel if the seller didn’t give us a new roof which showed me that he was on my side. After we closed our escrow, we were so happy about the great results we received from Voltaire that we quickly referred my wife’s friend to him. They are currently in escrow buying a home after only writing two offers! His knowledge and connections were the best I’ve seen. Voltaire will receive a call from us anytime we know of someone that needs help! Thanks again Voltaire!”...More luck to you and your team....!
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07/24/2013 - user2762277
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $450K in Otay Ranch, Chula Vista, CA.
“I had known Voltaire prior to the home search process. After booking the appointment to meet him, my wife and I could tell he was knowledgeable and knew what he was doing. Living in Chula Vista, we obviously know other agents that offer similar real estate services but we decided to work with him. The inventory was very low and it seemed that the longer we waited the higher that the prices went up. After a few months of searching we had a conversation with Voltaire and re-strategized our search and process. We wrote a total of 4 offers. The home we got our offer accepted on was a lot bigger than what we were looking for. It seemed it was a distressed home and an all cash buyer, among other buyers, was also interested in it. Voltaire asked us if we wanted the home, we told him yes and he immediately began gathering information and speaking with the agent. He found out the sellers motivation to sell and it wasn’t money, it was a for sure closing. He gathered that the cash offer was offering $5,000 more than us. Voltaire wrote the offer for $5,000 less than the cash buyer but felt comfortable that his unique seller and seller agent “Guarantee’s” would lock up the deal for us. Sure enough, two days later we got word that our offer was accepted. It was a relief that the system Voltaire uses to write offers had worked and paid off. We closed 30 days later and we find out that there are similar sized homes in the area that are selling for between $470,000-$500,000. We had to do some TLC to the property but nothing that we couldn’t do ourselves. I would recommend Voltaire to anyone that wants a dedicated agent with good team support and that won’t pressure you. Thanks!”
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07/22/2013 - WannabBallers
Bought a home in 2013.
“I'd like to take this opportunity to express the great deal of gratitude my family and I have for Voltaire Lepe and the Lepe Team for making my families dream come true! Not only did he find us a wonderful house, he also negotiated for us to buy our home at $20,000 under market and withstood other cash offers of 20k above our purchase price. I forgot to mention that it was during the Wild Wild West in the real estate market and buyers were making above market offers.

I was under the impression that all real estate agents were the same, I’m living proof that they are not! Before meeting with Voltaire I was looking for a home for over 8 months with another realtor! I was tired of my agent at the time, so I met with Voltaire and before our meeting he asked me to bring in one of the offers that I had previously wrote with my last real estate agent. I brought in my last 3 offers to Voltaire. He took out a red sharpie and started to mark the areas of the offer that were written incorrectly and that he recommended I change. The freakin’ offer was drenched in red ink after he was done with it; no wonder my offer never got accepted! I walked out of there amazed and wondered to myself why I hadn’t contacted Voltaire any sooner. I quickly fired my agent and signed with Voltaire. We got our offer accepted on the very first home we wrote an offer on (UNBELIEVABLE!!!).

If you're looking for the home of your dreams and need an agent who will work hard, never quit until the deal is closed and provide the professionalism and relentless will to provide your family with the best possible home at the best possible price that fits or meets your budget, then I strongly suggest you call Voltaire Lepe and join the Lepe Team!!!
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