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Retiring Early Is The Goal


Hello, I posted a reply about 6 months ago on May 12... I had somebody write me, asking me for guidance...  I thought it was great.  That prompted me to go back and see who else has written on the blog in the last six months... in response to my post. I jsut wanted ot let people know that, for the new RE investor who may be getting cold feet because of the economy, there is more opportunity out there to make money now, more than ever!  Dont read the headlines, find the good markets, travel to them and invest, and in the down markes, now is the time to bargain hard and buy.  RE investing is not for the masses, it is for those who want somethign more.  It is not hard, but it takes effort and time, time most people woudl rather spend sitting around complaining, or watching horrible reality TV shows :)  For the nay sayers, the opportunites are better than ever, read some books, get educated, and move out and find the deals to change your status in the world.  One must always remember RE investing is a three pronged approach, tax benefits, cash flow and appreciation...  when one of the "legs of the stool" is not working perfectly, usually the others tend to pick up the slack.  For example my homes in Colorado are stagnant in appareciation, but my rents are going up more than ever, and vacancies are down... gotta love the cash flow baby!  As far as taxes, I pay less than 9% of my total income in taxes thanks to RE, versus the average Joe spending 40-50% of their income in taxes.  For this reason, which shoudl be very obvious by now with the stock market at 8500, RE is far less risky than stocks and bonds, and with leverage it provides much, much greater returns.  If someoen says that the stock market provides a better ROI, simply say thanks for your input and walk away...  they are completely uneducated beyond the "sheep" level of investing... Anyway I could go on, but I jsut want the new guys on the block not to be scared, get educated, find a mentor, ignore the headlines and get out there and get investing.  This will turn out to be one the best times in the next 50 yrs to be leveraged with good assetts.  Best of luck... Also I dont write any books, nor do I make money on anyones elses investing, [content removed by moderator for being self promorional]..  Take care- Brian

Retiring Early Is The Goal


Hello, I am a Residential RE investor. I own homes in Colorado Springs, Co and in Enid, OK.  I believe RE is the best get rich slow program out there.  Get rich slow can mean something different to everyone.  For me it has been 7 years from 0 to just about 1 million.  Even if you start at 40 and buy one house every other yr, you can be very well off by sixty.  Now jsut imagine if you start at 20 or 30? and buy 3 or 4 houses a year?  I started at 25, now 31.  Why is it the best investment, better than the stock market, better than anything else?  One word... "Leverage"!  If you want to be a successful RE investor, you need to learn this word, understand it, and change the way you think about certain types of debt.  The other advice I suggest is get a good mentor!  Find someone who has been successful and learn from them.  You dont need any high priced courses, jsut get a few books from the library and find a successful local RE investor.  Also dont beleive everything you read in the media, the other great thing about RE markets is you can make money when it is up... down... or even sideways.  Most folks stick their money in mediocre stocks and only make a little money during the good times... If you want financial freedom residential RE investing is by far the least risky, safest way to accomplish this goal.  Sounds crazy, but get educated... it will change the way you think, and you will agree with me :)  I love RE investing, love talking RE, anyone in Enid, OK want to chat bout RE, [content removed by moderator for being self promotional].  Take care, Brian