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Zillow No Longer Reputable?


I think Zillow's values are a good "ball park " look, but you really do need to get an agent to give you live comps.  They need to know the neighborhood and the various oddities in order to make adjustments.  No site will be able to just do this.



They should give you the info no strings attached and earn any potential business from you by being honest, forthcoming, informative, and kind in general. I hate that there has to be a sales pitch to get your number - ridiculous.  Sorry.  I guess that is how sales people do it.  I am a Realtor and I don't do it that way.  I also have a lot of Realtor friends who also do not do it this way.



I would have them contact your lender.  I like to keep a clear line between what I provide and what the lender provides, but Marlowe is right below - when buying a bank owned home, things are not as they "normally" are:)The only time I have provided bank statements with an offer is when it was an all cash offer and even then, I was very careful to keep confidential things blocked out with a thick Sharpie pen.

Selling Home in Mountlake Terrace, WA


Well I guess I am going to have to get out a map and count streets because there are only about five one way streets in MLT that I can personally think of and the rest is very easy to travel on.  The ones that are one way except for about one exception I can think of are in residential areas and charming.  The transit station is fabulous and used by residents from Lake Forest Park, Kenmore, Edmonds, Brier and more - they are also putting in one of those easy freeway stations for carpoolers and the buses to get right on the freeway into the carpool station. MLT housing is getting pretty diversified and it was obvious that when I looked at housing numbers yesterday again on this Seattle suburb, things are moving and people are seeing the value of this city.

If a house is in foreclosure but not for sale how can I try to buy it before it goes to auction?


Hi Sarrah - there are so many factors that could change the way the question is answered.  A lot of the homes going to foreclosure today have no equity in them and in fact many are even upside down - they owe more than it is worth.  In these cases it pays off to wait for the bank to take it back sometimes. Do you know the owners at all?  Taking over a loan (assumption) is not very likely, but a short sale could be negotiated possibly if they do owe more than it is worth and there is time to try to work out a deal with the bank. There is no magic percentage number off of loan balnace to offer them.  You need to look at comps and base your offer price off of what the market value of the home is.  Your Realtor shoudl do this for you at no charge.Good luck!