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Sellers agents selling to their own buyers??


If you contact the listing agent to buy directly through them, you must first understand that the listing agent represents the seller and will work to acheive the highest price for their client. They do not work for your best interest because they don't represent you and that's a tricky position to be in. My advice is to talk to your agent about why your offers are not being accepted. In many areas there are bidding wars on homes. Perhaps try writing a letter to the seller for your agent to send with your contract about yourself and why you would love to buy their house. In a bidding war situation, the personal touch of the seller being able to connect with you can sometimes help. Also, make sure you are putting down an ample earnest money deposit for your offers. Money talks and in mutiple bid situations, even if the bids are the same, the seller is more likely to go with the offer that included the largest deposit. Money talks.