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how do I buy a house off of zillow ?


Hi there,Zillow is really an informational site with no actual agents working for them. My Suggestion would be to make a list of the properties you like, include the MLS number if it's posted and  find an agent that you're comfortable with. If you look at the right hand side of the property description you're see the agents in the area.. read reviews and take a look at their profile and contact one you like. This is one of the biggest purchases people make in their lifetime so you want to make sure this agent has your best interest in mind. A good buyers agent can save you a ton of headaches, will be with you throughout the entire buying process and will make a huge difference in the overall experience. best of luck with your search!!Craig WhiteRodeo Reality

What can we do to make our house "show better"?


Hi Stephanie,I agree with the below answer.. Another suggestion would be to have the agent send you the MLS listing to review. Many times agents do not have the right resolution on their pictures and they come out blurry. I always have a professional photographer take the pictures to ensure the quality and angles capture the home at it's best. I'd also consider doing a floor plan; often times pictures don't show the flow of the home. these will cost your agent money but remember you are paying them to sell your home, not just list it, and sometimes it takes more then just putting it in the MLS to get it sold.I hope this helps. 

Paralyzed by buying/renting choice


Hi there,I'm not sure if you've gotten the answer you're looking for or have even been considering this being we're just now past the Holidays. That said, you're not alone in how you feel.. As a matter of fact there are a lot of people that fear pulling the trigger for many reasons. If you're a first time buyer that adds another element of fear as well. What's really great is that you can get a VA loan!! With their programs it's make it really nice not to have to come up with much or sometime any out of pocket money. Although that doesn't make it any less scary to jump into buying a home. I can tell you this; housing prices rose over 24% in LA this year, different %'s in different areas but that's good. It's also expected to go up again this year, about 10% or more. (these are published numbers by the California Association of Realtors)  What that means is it's very likely if you do buy you're going to start building equity right away. I sell homes in the SFV and I'm confident you'll find a great home in your price range.My suggestion would be to find a Realtor you're comfortable with and take a look around just to see what's out there. Find somebody that works with first time buyers, that's patient and not pushy. Take your time, don't feel rushed and the right house will pop up.The right agent will help you through the fear and will get you into a great home!!I hope this helps and I wish you all the best in your search.

Can a seller pull out of escrow after all contingencies have been released?


Contractually it's difficult for the seller to cancel once all contingencies have been released. There are a few things you and your agent can do. If you really want the home, you can send a "demand to close" which is probably a good place to start even if you are going to seek advise from an attorney. This shows you want to close and are taking all the necessary steps to do so. If at that point the seller doesn't, you can take legal action against them.Sorry you're going through this and hopefully you have a good agent that's working hard on your behalf. 

we don't know if we can afford to buy a house but our landlord keeps raising rent!


I'd suggest speaking to a lender to see what you will qualify for. A lot of people in your position think they won't qualify for much but with interest rates still very low you might be surprised.. I'd also suggest talking with a direct lender..a bank or credit union, even your bank mich be able to assist you with that.I hope you're able to find a wonderful home for you and your family to grow into.My best,Craig