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I can sympathize a FOR LEASE listing when Zillow doesn't support Rentals, but this isn't FOR SALE

This in the mean time just confuses people.  People may think that this is a real cheap forclosure.  Renters wouldn't be looking here in the first place.  Finally, It just clogs up my searchs for possible suitable investments to buy.  Please advertise your rentals somewhere else, please.   Or, help push Zillow to open a section for rentals and leases and I would be more than happy to work with you for it is really needed.



I would also like to add my interest to this suggestion put forward by Grace. For example, Duplexes, triplexs, fourplex, and multi-family. Thanks.

Add Rental Section to Zillow

In addition to the "for sale" section of Zillow, why don't you add a section that identifies which homes are available for rent, or for lease? This is what is missing from Zillow that is still only available on MLS.