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who can you hire to handle paperwork for seller?


Either a Realtor or a Real Estate Attorney are the best people who can handle the paperwork for you. There are 2 problems If you hire a flat fee realtor,1)Most of the potential calls and inquiries will go to the realtor.  Since he/she has no incentive, you wouldn't know how they are handling prospective buyers.  The loss may cost you more than what a realtor may cost2)Seller carries quite a bit of liability, and any mistake on the flat fee realtor's part may land you in litigation costing you way more. My fellow realtors in this forum and I are not trying to scare you at all.  We have seen so many transactions that we know how many problems may come up.  My sincere advice is, instead of trying to look for a flat fee realtor, try to find a few realtors and use whoever gives you the best price.  Good luck!

I want a home. Please advise.


If your husband has a score in the higher 600's, you can take a loan in just his name and be homeowners. If you have your credit reports, we have have a loan officer take a look at them and let you know.  That way, you will not have another inquiry.Medical collections are not that bad.  It is the other stuff that would matter.  Generally, if you have a score of 620, it should work.  From what you are telling me, I think you would qualify.  Let me know if you need any help referring you to some good mortgage officers.Sunny C. ABR, ASP, CRSRealtor[contact info removed by moderator] 

I have plant to buy the house $400000.00 with 25% down, how much income require?, thanks


Based on your credit, dti and everything being in line, an income of around $60,000-$70,000 should get you there.  But the best thing is for you to talk to someone and get qualified. The qualifying amount is based on how much percentage of your income you pay on your monthly payments, as well.  There are quite a lot of factors.  If you do not qualify for a 5% interest rate, then the payment will be higher, which in turn will need higher income to be qualified.