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I need to cancel my listing to re-group. How do I do this?


Assuming you have a written listing contract, speak with your agent on withdrawing, canceling, or temporarily removing from the market. Your agent should be able to guide you on which status would be best given your situation and future intention. 

How can I buy a buy a different home when I still owe for my current home?


The simple answer is yes but understand that if you are purchasing another home through a mortgage, owing on your current home will affect the rates as well as your ability to get a loan. You should also consider the risk of a temporary double mortgage if you intend to sell your current home as opposed to keeping it as a rental property. If you eventually plan on selling your current home, you may want to consider getting that home on the market and under contract before attempting to purchase a new home contingent upon the sale of the first home as this allows you to pay off the current loan before taking on another associated with what will be your new home. I also live in the Tower Grove South neighborhood so feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

How can I find a top rated listing agent who specializes in my area / zip code?


Any agent can list they are an "expert" in a certain area. Also, an agent may "specialize" in a certain area, but are they successful at it. You should interview more than one agent to find out who has the best marketing (which I think is more important) and who is the best fit for you to work with. You could use ZIllow rankings but this is based only on the number of reviews. You may want to consider external other sites as well (real estate and non-estate).