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i want to rent to own


I agree with both answers. I have a lot of investor owners and we list a lot of rental homes. We get this request often and the scenario never benefits the renter. Especially in the current market where prices are rising most landlords will not negotiate the price up front.If you can not buy now, just rent. Talk to the landlord and see if they are interested in selling to you. If they are make sure you fire a Realtor to represent you, not the same agent representing the landlord. 

Anyway to qualify for a fha mortgage with a credit score of about 600?


In real estate and lending most things are possible. You need to talk to a trusted lender and get a preapproval. If you are not in a position to buy now you should have a plan to improve your credit score.I know of lenders who can do FHA loans in the 600-639 credit score range. Please email me for information. [Spam content removed by Zillow moderator due to violation of Good Neighbor Policy.]

Can I legally fire my buyer's agent if he made us sign an exclusive buyer representation agreement?


Hello. This is a complex question that has legal liability on your end. I would first recommend that you talk with the agent in question. Tell him the reason why you do not feel you are being served. You should ask him for a written release and termination of the agreement. For example in our agreements we have a policy that says the buyer can terminate the agreement at any time by delivering written notice of any issues and giving the broker 7 days to fix the problem TO THE BUYERS SATISFACTION. If the buyer is not happy they can terminate the agreement,I would be surprised that if after speaking to the agent that they would not terminate the agreement based on the information you provided. The MOST important thing is get this in writing. You will need a written release to protect you.

Is it ok to speak to the sellers agent directly instead of going through our agent...?


I recommend that you speak with your agent.  This will allow for them to best protect your interests.  Sometimes when buyers and sellers speak directly, they can be at a disadvantage because you have an emotional interest at stake.  Use your  [Embedded hotlink removed by Zillow moderator. Please see our Good Neighbor Policy for information]to help!