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11/06/2014 - phjohan
Listed, but didn't sell my Townhouse home in 2014 in University City, San Diego, CA.

The advice given from another realtor and personal experience, stay away as far as possible from this real estate agent. The agent claims being both a seller's and a buyer's agent yet is more interested in being a buyer's agent. In addition, Dana Horne does not fully disclose the listing agreement. When the client asks about the listing agreement, Dana Horne becomes rude to the client. This is not a professional agent-client relationship. When I had interviewed Dana Horne for the listing agent, I assumed Dana Horne would be a good agent given the years of experiences. Thus, I hired Dana Horne as my listing agent for the sale of my home. Unfortunately, the communication between Dana Horne and myself did not go well.

For instance, I discovered the one-year and one-day listing agreement that was not explained. I communicated to Dana Horne and asks why this is so long or why wasn't this mentioned beforehand. Dana Horne then becomes verbally abusive and Dana can not be trusted. At that point in the conversation, Dana Horne demands $10,000. Thus, when the client cannot communicate adequately with Dana Horne, then Dana Horne is not trustworthy.

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