- Will never recommend
10/01/2012 - DJHowe2
Listed, but didn't sell my Single Family home in 2012 in Tavernier, FL.
My experience with Dasha Ray was awful. I found her on zillow and had her list my house for sale. She never even came out to my house to look at the property, take pictures or give advice on what to do to make the house more appealing to possible buyers. In the six months I had a contract with her she called me one time to ask if she could bring clients by the next day to see the house, I asked her if it was possible to give me a little more time then the 10 hour notice she gave me, and if not then they could come when they had the time. She then told me she would call me back after she spoke to the clients to see if they could come look at the house later in the day, I never heard back from her. I also asked from the very beginning of the contract to have a "for sale" sign put up in front of my house since there is a lot of traffic from people going to the park and boat ramp at the end of my road. I asked her at least four times and she said she would have one put up right away but during the six months it never happened. I also asked Dasha Ray to please put in the description on Zillow and other sites, including the MLS all of the extras the neighborhood had to offer and the other big selling points the house has, she said she would but never did. The only pictures she put up are ones I took and emailed her. She also was very quick to take down my pictures off Zillow after the six month contract was up. In fact, thats about the only thing she did in a timely manner, She never called me or sent me anything letting me know the contract was up, but I'm guessing its because she knew I was not planning on wasting anymore time with her NOT doing anything to get my house sold. She was very unprofessional, no communication and she made excuses for everything she did, or should I say did not do. I could have done a better job selling my house. To have only one person even ask to look at the house in six months is a good indication of her work ethic. In fact if you look at the reviews on Zillow, the negative ones are from real people while the positive ones seem made up or even admit in the title she didn't sell the house she had listed. Sellers beware you don't get stuck with a contract with this "so called" realtor. That's a minimum of six months you will not get back or get your house sold. There are good realtors out there that will work very hard to get your house sold but its very clear Dasha Ray is not one of them. I am aware that Dasha will come back with a response, as she did with the other negative feedback she received, but that just goes to show how she really does just make up excuses and is unprofessional.
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Response from Dasha


- Will never recommend
10/21/2011 - JACK 24
Showed home in 2011 in Bay Point, FL 33040.
I sent a $5,000.00 deposit to Dasha for negotication purposes on a "BANK OWNED" property. This money should have been deposited & wasn't. During the week long bidding process I was told no one else was bidding on the property. What was missing from my contract paperwork was a " Short Sale Addendum to Purchase and Sales Contract". This would have kept anyone getting in a bidding war with me. We stopped active bidding on the property on a Friday. On the follow Tuesday the property was purchased by someone else at the last price I had negoticated to. Dasha was "out of town" and unaware of this. I had to have "her" office contact her to see what was going on for the whole week ( she DID NOT answer my calls). Her reply back to me by E-mail was " the property was under contract, would you like for me to send you info. on other properties ? " Not only did I miss out on this property, I never did get ANYTHING else on Key West properties from Dasha for over a month. I DO NOT recommend her as a realitor ! I didn't feel she represented me as a buyer for this property with her best effort. Oh, by the way I told her just to tear up the check !
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Response from Dasha on 10/26/2011
The property was not a short sale it was BANK OWNED (short sale addendum can't be used) and at the time your offer was submitted there were no other offers, the bank countered and we went back and forth the last counter from the bank was for more than you wanted to spend, at that point you decided that you didn’t want to pay what the bank wanted nor did you want to continue going back and forth with the bank. I am very sorry that you decided that waiting was the best thing and the property ended up going under contract. If you would have accepted the counter or submitted another offer you would have been able to get the property. Your decision to wait was the only reason you didn’t get the property. As for the check when I received it you didn’t accept the counter and I offered to send it back and you asked me to tear it up, so that was what I did. Again sorry if you feel that not accepting the banks counter was my fault, I wish you the best.


- Will never recommend
09/18/2011 - Debbie Plunket
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Summerland Key, FL
Wanted to buy an investment home in Key West. Spoke with Dasha once via phone and twice via email. She did not return calls or emails and was more difficult to get on the phone than The President of The United States.
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Response from Dasha on 09/27/2011
I’m sorry you feel this way. As you can see from all my other reviews that are all 5 stars, my client satisfaction is my ultimate goal. I have asked you on more than one occasion to please send me the emails you are referring to I have no records emails or phone records of corresponding with a Debbie Plunket. I have no choice but to feel as if this was done by local competition to tarnish my reputation. At any time that you would like to tell me who you really are, I would be more than willing to explain myself. If in fact this was done by competition then I can only advise you to earn your own reputation and stop trying to harm others.


- Highly likely to recommend
03/07/2011 - Will Brimberry
Bought a Townhouse home in 2010 in Key West, FL.
As my real estate agent, Dasha Ray was wonderful. She was so professional and good that I asked her to be my property manager. Dasha's profesionalism, honesty and good nature are her oustanding qualities as a real estate agent.

Born and raised in Key West, Dasha Ray knows the Keys and real estate in the Keys. I highly recommend her as a real estate agent. Dasha will get the best for her client; she will get the job done.
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Response from Dasha


- Highly likely to recommend
12/02/2010 - Margaret Belisle
Sold a Single Family home in 2010 for approximately $350K in Melbourne, FL.
Wonderful experience. Dasha was always available to answer all of our questions and address our concerns. She expeditiously resolved complex issues relative to the purchase of our new home. Dasha accompanied us to Melbourne and showed us several homes. She took the time to educate herself on the Brevard County community and the specific areas we were interested in viewing. All details regarding the purchase of our new home was professionally and competently managed prior to the closing date. The actual closing went smoothly and exactly as explained to us. I highly recommend Dasha Ray as a real estate agent.
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Response from Dasha


- Highly likely to recommend
12/02/2010 - Visionquest3
Sold a Condo home in 2010 in Key West, FL.
Dasha was very helpful during the shortsale process and without her it would not have happened. We are grateful for the endless time and effort that she put into the sale. Thank you, Dasha!
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Response from Dasha on 12/02/2010
It was a pleasure, I am glad to have been able to help.


- Highly likely to recommend
05/13/2014 - HollieBethany
Showed home in 2014 in Bay Point, FL 33040.
Dasha has been extremely helpful in my home search. Even with a limited budget and limitations due to VA loan requirements as to how little "fixer-up" it can be,what types of homes, associations etc.. We are still on the hunt but I feel safe with Dasha. My first home purchase the realtor told me not to get an inspection and for 12years we had to deal with the ramifications of that intentionally bad advice. I look forward to emails ,calls and texts with new finds.
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Response from Dasha


- Highly likely to recommend
05/13/2014 - pappasdeb
Sold a Townhouse home in 2013 in Key West, FL.
We had to sell our townhouse and since we were out of state, Dasha was able to take control of the sale and make it happen. We were happy for her help and glad she was able to do what she could working with us out of state! She was able to stay with the buyers until all of the issues were resolved and handled in our favor. Since we had inherited the townhouse we also had inherited some of it's problems and Dasha was able to help with those issues. Should we ever purchase a house in the area again we will not hesitate to call on her again.
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Response from Dasha


- Highly likely to recommend
02/13/2014 - bell white
We connected, but it did not work out. Looking in Key West, FL
I'm not working with Dasha right now, since my move to Key West will be in late fall 2014, however I was extremely impressed with her responsiveness to my inquiry and her professionalism. I plan to work with Dasha this fall. I live out of town, but I am familiar with the Key West area, but having a responsive agent is key to secure the long term rental (lease for 2 years or longer at minimal) or to purchase a condo via an FHA loan that I want. I want to work with someone like Dasha, I feel she will have my best interest at the fore front. Please note the service provided drop down list does not contain my service, I had to select None, we connected, but it did not work out - my service situation should read: None, we connected, obtained information I was looking for!
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Response from Dasha on 02/14/2014
Thank you for the review. I am here whenever you’re ready and look forward to helping you in the future. Stay in touch..Dasha


- Highly likely to recommend
01/27/2014 - SunnyGonzalez
Showed home in 2013 in Cudjoe Key, Summerland Key, FL 33042.
She is an excellent resource. Very reliable and knowledgeable. And she is very upfront - I can count on her to tell me like it is; when something is a good deal, what things to look for, and what the local area is like.
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Response from Dasha on 02/14/2014
Sunny it was a pleasure meeting and working with you. I enjoyed the time we have spent together and look forward to spending more time together in the future.


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