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I am a realtor with 20 listing... How do I manage my listings??? Please let me know asap.D


Sara,We are a Sotheby's affiliate and have a feed to Zillow. However, I have added all my current listings to my profile. However, I can't seem to do that anymore. Additionally, I need to change some of the fields of other listings such as the website for the property. Is there anyway someone can call me to give me a call&quick tutorial on how a listing agent like myself can best utilize Zillow. Thanks 415 867 6611

trying to figure out the value of a lot


The way I do it for each location is find out what the annual dollar volume is for the area. for instance $350,000,000 annual dollar volume for Yourtown, usa. If 220 units trade during the same year and the average sqft is 3000. Subtract out the value of the house structures-- most homes are worth Approx 375persqft 220units*3000sqft = 247,500,000350,000,000 - 247,500,000 = 102,500,000102,500,000 / 220 units = $465,000 average lot values.Then I do the same math for the top 50% of sales and bottom 50% of sales and you get a rough estimate of the premium to live in a certain location. Then you should do this for several years to get an idfea of trends...Hope this helps.Dave