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$355, really? Why so low? I may be interested.


What comes to my mind is, what is wrong with it...there are lots of homes for under $5k. Most likely you do not want them. Foundation cracks, missing plumbing, electrical, appliances, etc. Typically can cost $30k-$40k just make them livable.

Lessons Learned for First Time Home Buyers


First of all, the first time buyer price range is a hot market. Homes are moving fast. Even if you make an offer, there maybe be others already on the table. Just remember, there is always a new deal tomorrow.The biggest problem with first time buyers is they dont know what they want. They have an idea, but they are just waiting to see it. First time home buyers walk around looking for that place or features that jumps out at them. They should do this on there own time going to open houses by themselves. You see things you like and dislike, but it is knowing that makes all the difference. Going to open houses really gives you perspective of what you are looking for.Another big one is, people get this perception of what thier house should look like from the outside. People will refuse to go in. They decide immediately they don't like the way it looks or the yard, etc. Big mistake, over the years in half the times this has happened, I eventually get them to walk through it and they love it. It amazes me everytime. Its 2 minutes to walk through a home you don't like. Cross it off the list at least.One of the other huge issues people dont understand the mortgage process works and why it takes so long, etc. I always recommend that people go buy a couple books on mortgages. It is the single biggest purchase you are going to make in your life and you should know EXACTLY what you are getting.

What is the typical discount for an inventory home in the 140-150k price range?


A lot of builders are going out of business and need to turn over that inventory. Not only do I know builders selling for cheaper, they are also throwing in incentives/upgrades and even cutting checks to go towards taxes/association fee's for several years. If you are able to get one of these, make them cut you a check outside of closing :DHave you looked It is homes owned by the government through fannie mae/freddie mac. Really great deals and you can offer less and they have a fast reponse in most cases.

Zillow used to give a home value history. What happened to that???


That is based very loosely on available public data. Perhaps the records are not up to date in that state or county.Some are now charging fee's/taxes to get access to online data. It is supposed to be free, but they get around it by calling online database a "service". Even though it serves the states purpose.