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Buyers agent

The orignal answer to get a buyers agent is true. There is no other industry that I know of that you can hire a professional without costing you (the buyer) anything. You dont need to sign a contract, just find someone that you trust, enjoy working with, and be loyal to them. I talked with a customer recently. She called the office about a listing. Unfotunately it was under agreement. I tried getting some information from her to help her in her home search. She said.. OH NO.. Id NEVER give you that OR work with anyone exclusively. I then asked, how are you conducting a home search? She then said... I just call off the ads, just like Im calling you now. The voice tone was almost as if to say... she was smarter than that. In her next breath she said to me. "Ive been looking for over 2 years". I wanted to ask her.. "and how is that strategy working for you?" It makes perfect sense to me, she's NOT utilizing a service FREE to her. She's calling blinding from dated an old information albiet internet or print. Does it not make sense to work with someone with all the tools and experience? Access to everything that happens, as it happens? Know of a really great property thats about ready or just hit the market? Easy access to public records to see what was borrowed and guestimate what might be owed? Or maybe its just the experiece of knowing what questions to ask and put yourself in a better negotiating position? Knowledge is power. I have to be honest.. I wished her a good day, hung up the phone, and had a good laugh. The odds are she is either still looking, paid too much, OR not happy with her choice. 
September 22 2010

How can I guarantee my house sells to purchace another one?

Guarantee is a strong word, but Marilyn is right on target. There is alot of doom and gloom on the news about the Market. But, the truth is if the home is priced right, and there is a solid sales and marketing strategy behind it, it will move. The main ingrediants are, price, location, curb appeal (inside and out), and an effective internet marketing plan. America shops the internet, the exact reason why we are all here. And remember, there is nothing lost by testing the market. Test the market, see where it leads you, and insure your getting the feedback from your Realtor, both good and bad, of the showings.  Armed with the right information, and a good plan, you should be fine.
September 22 2010
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