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how can one have zillow modify an estimate or zestimate?

MelissaInternet valuations are just over rated! In the historic and older homes which often have improvements one had best know the market well as we both do. Maybe in track subdivisions that are cookie cutter it works but even there I dooubt it as there is not a field to modify dollar amount adjustments. You can do it some when you drill down in zillow but I think it is very hidden and not user friendly. Plus there is not a quick fix for the adjustments so that it takes place immediately. In the mean time, it hurts the marketing of the property especially in areas where there are already a lot of foreclosures and short sales taking place. I personally think the market is rebounding and forums like zillow unless they modify how they are looking at the data will become an internet site of the past. There is no substitute for a knowledgable and thorough REALTOR to guide buyers and sellers through the real estate maze of all the rules, regulations, and laws not to mention valuation which shifts constantly.
May 23 2011