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What's the best option?


You are in the same situation as many other people who bought when the market was at it's highest. If you need to sell for a loss but still keep your good credit then you will need to bring money to the table at settlement. That is the only way to protect your good credit.If you weren't able to pay your mortgage and are at least 2 payments behind, then you would need to ask your bank if they will allow you to sell your home as a short sale. They would need all your finacial info and the reason for the hardship. Then they would evaluate it and let you know if they agree.A short sale will disrupt your good credit rating somewhat- but not as bad as a forclosure would.

As a do you determine the safety of a neighborhood?


In addition to the other good advice posted, you can also check with the local police deptartment for answers as to any close proximity to deviant offenders. Most states have laws that they have to disclose where the areas deviant offenders are living. In Pennsylvania it's refered to as Megans Law and can be found on the state website

How was my condo's square footage determined (and why is it half of what I would expect)?


In my experience, this could really be called a bank house. Even though the sq. ft. doesn't show up in the public records, you can still add that sq ft. in the mls if you list your house for sale. It can be labeled as the seller giving the info as opposed to an appraiser. Usually as long as you have an egress and heat in a finished basement you can count the sq ft.And the fact that it's not in the public records can have a good effect onyour tax base. So you get the best of both worlds.

Unable to edit home facts


Hi Naveen,After clicking on the listing scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on "report a problem". Enter your information and an explanation and they should get back to you with a solution.Hope this helps.

Why is home not coming up by address ???

Best Answer

Have you tried the normal fixes like inputting the address a little differently like changing abbreviations or not abbreviating?