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Why does my Realtor that works for me, THE BUYER, get paid by the seller?


Hi Glen.I will sail on Captain Seth's ship any day.It comes down to the reputation and integrity of the Buyer Agent. Belive me, if a Buyer agent is incompetent or dishonest, they will not last long at all in this business. There are to many Buyer agents dedicated to great service out here for you to find.....Good luck!!!

how long before getting a written approval for a short sale?


First I need a little more information.  Who is the bank?  Also did the seller sign the offer?  Typically if the bank gives a verbal a written approval would come shortly after.  [E-mail deleted by Zillow moderator.  Please refer to Good Neighbor Policy for posting guidelines].  As far as the mold I have negotiated money off.  Yes the property is sold as is but the banks if addressed accordingly have taken money of the purchase price.  When it comes to short sales it's all about the approach.

URGENT need help!


Hi Cathy.I agree that you would be best served using a agent that is also a REALTOR. That person can run a quick check in the registry of deeds to see what is going on financially with your landlord to be. You have to check them out just as they do you these days.Best regards.................DebraRockport, MA