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Deborah Tansley wrote:

Thinking of moving to Temecula, CA

I think Temecula is a wonderful place to live and work. We have many spa businesses that your wife can look into for work and just over 100,000 residents to use your business. I hope that helps.
February 05

Look up

You can use Zillow and bring up you neighborhood, it will give you a zestimate.  If you want more information contact an agent for a home evaluation, they are free and can be emailed to you.
November 18 2013

Which upgrade would help move our house faster?

You picked two important areas to improve, the kitchen and the master bath.  I believe first impressions are important and the kitchen can sell a house, so I would suggest the kitchen job first.  The bathroom job should cost less to improve, watch for sales on the fixtures.  Good Luck!
October 10 2013