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07/21/2012 - user675178
Sold a home in 2012.

Dee is a very knowledgeable agent. She has a caring personal demeanor which is a valuable skill. She was always ready to answer any questions we had.

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07/20/2012 - user1921971
Bought a home in 2011.

Dee was super in the way she found this house which is the last house I will ever buy again..(but I may need to sell it in a few years, if for some reason I can't live here and maintain it myself.) If Dee is still in the business should such a need arise, I will most certainly call on her, and I know she will find me the buyer I need for it, when that time should come. I will feel confident and just relax, and let her do the driving, and all of a sudden find myself "there" where i want to to be! She's the best in the business, and the nicest too!

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