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Are there any programs out there like this?


Dear Investor, it sounds like you are building a nice portfolio of successful investments. Eventually with this positive track record a lender will fund your future projects and help you grow your business. Without knowing all the details, like whether the current investment is generating cash flow, the hold period, or its expected rate of return versus the next investment's, I don't immediately see the benefit of bringing in an investor for the current property at this stage as you have already performed all the work and taken all the risk.
If you do decide to take on a partner, you should evaluate the areas where one would be most helpful to you. Since you bring the value of being the hands on project manager in addition to other investor qualities, when evaluating a partnership, you may want to consider someone that not only contributes equity but also has existing lender relationships.If you have any additional questions, I'd be more than happy to discuss this in greater detail.