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How do I find someone to help me find a rental home?


You should definitely call a realtor in the area.  Realtors can offer you the knowledge that you will not have when you are moving into a new area.The landlord will pay the realtor's fee, so for the added protection you can get by using a realtor that makes it one sweet deal!

Does a buyer have the right to see the appraisal done on a Short Sale property?.


By law the person paying for the appraisal is the owner of that appraisal.I know it seems strange but that is how it works.  If you are buying the home, your mortgage company will want a current appraisal and you willhave to pay for it.  By law the mortgage company you use will give you acopy and then the info is yours to do with as you wish. That informationwill then be kept confidential by your mortgage company, by the appraisor and your realtor.