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for resale value, is it better to increase the number of rooms or to keep large open spaces?


There are a lot of factors to consider in remodeling and many of them are of a local nature.I would consult a local Realtor for advice.Without knowing the neighborhood, my opinion would be to go for more bedrooms. It sounds like your area is becoming a family neighborhood in which case 2 bedrooms would not work.  You also need to be sure you do not over improve your home compared to your neighborhood.  Your Realtor could tell you what the local market is saying your remodeled home would sell for. Hope this helps.

how do i identify waterfront or waterview properties


You can search for "Water front" or Water View" using Zillow. First put the town or zip code or general location in the search box.After searching, click on the down arrow labeled "MORE" (next to the save search button.Enter  "Water front" or "Water View" in the keywords box. Good Luck!Dennis

Zillow Sending Leads to Three agents simultaneously

Can someone tell me how the change which recently went into effect whereby all leads go to 3 agents helps me as an agent paying for a zip code?  How do clients feel getting called 3 time?