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Loansifter vs Moratec ....anyone used both and can give feedback?

I have used Loansifter for about a year but I am finding there is alot of quirks about it that seem to not get noticed by them. Many scenarios don't get sent out when they should. I am thinking of switching to Moratec since Zillow owns them I would think they would get a better response on all scenarios. thoughts? 

How will QRM rule affect your rates?

I just read an article about the QRM Rule and how it is going to affect the small brokers. Because the small broker can't come up with the 5% cash the rule is wanting, the banks will be adding it into there rate sheets. I'm curious to know if you have been contacted by your banks yet about how much your rates will go up?

Ready to refinace Please send me your GFE


go into Zillow Mortgage Marketplace and put in your request, the lenders will email you some basic quotes and you can contact them when your ready

ZMM quotes no showing if LTV is over 96% ???

I was just informed that if you quote a loan in ZMM where the LTV is over 96% that the consumer does not see this quote come through because Zillow blocks it? Does anyone know if this is true? I see MANY quotes on there that are over 97% which could be viable loans (FHA, VA etc). Has anyone quoted over 97% and gotten a response or closed a loan like this?